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Dawid Mnich (BA/MA/MCIL/CL)



My laptop is virtually packed with software, all fully licensed or freeware. I use text processing software, software localization tools, graphic file processing apps and, most importantly, MemoQ,  a powerful CAT (computer aided translation) environment. All this technology helps me work fast and well, so I am happy to accept assignments from clients requiring a large document to be translated for, as many say, ‘yesterday’, without compromising the quality of the final product, of course.


My areas of expertise in translation and interpreting include law, business and finance. My records show that I translate 1,000,000 words every year in these areas. On a daily basis, I help my clients understand English contracts, agreements, financial reports, commercial documents, accounting documents, terms and conditions, rules and regulations, as well as legislation. I think I help them well. Would they come back so often if I didn’t?


My name is Dawid Mnich. I am a native Polish speaker,      a professional English-Polish public service translator and court interpreter with a BA in Economic Sociology, MA in General Sociology and a post-graduate Diploma in Translation and Interpreting.

  • I am currently studying for a Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills, British Law Centre, University of Cambridge (scheduled to finish in December 2019)
  • I have a BA degree in Economic Sociology (2005), School of Management & Social Science
  • I also hold an MA degree in General Sociology (2007), University of Silesia (Poland)
  • My Post-Graduate Diploma in Translation and Interpreting, Institute of English, University of Silesia (Poland), proves my professional qualification as a translator and interpreter.
  • I am a public service (sworn) translator and court interpreter in Poland, appointed by the Polish Ministry of Justice (2009)
  • I am a Member (MCIL) and a Chartered Linguist (CL) of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (London).
  • Before I started my translation career in 2000, I had worked as a Head Office Manager for a medium-size partnership, where my responsibilities included working with lawyers, accountants and bankers.
  • I am the Director of Monks Translations Ltd (the City, London).
  • My commitment to CPD (Continuing Professional Development) keeps me busy developing my translation and non-translation skills and knowledge by attending courses and lectures in Poland and the UK (including at UCL and CIOL).
  • I do all my translations myself and take the sole responsibility and liability for the products of my work. I am not a translation agency.
  • Interpreting assignments for courts, law enforcement agencies, notaries, law firms, register offices, companies and individuals are part of my professional life as well. With international travel experience, I am happy to accept interpreting jobs anywhere in Europe.